A Brief History of The Matthews Murkland Presbyterian Church, USA


In the beginning there were two churches – Matthews Chapel, located at what is now known as the Crestdale Community Center, and Murkland Church, located on the property adjacent to our current building until destroyed by fire in June of 1996.

The actual date of the organization of the Murkland Church was never recorded. An informal church history claims that the church was founded as early as 1864. However, taking the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation into consideration, the year of the organization was probably 1865 if not a little later. The majority of the first members of Murkland Church were ex-slaves.

There were many member of the Murkland Church that lived in Matthews, NC, However, due to lack of transportation and the difficulties of going to and from the Murkland Church, it lead to the d

evelopment of a Chapel located in Matthews, NC that would serve the needs of the members living in Matthews. Thus the Matthews Chapel Presbyterian Church was organized in the Catawba Presbytery in 1876.

The Matthews Murkland Presbyterian Church exists as a result of a merger of these two historical African American Congregations, in 1969. As the congregation grew, more space was needed so a new building was erected in 1975. However, it was not occupied until 1977 and was named Matthews Murkland United Presbyterian Church and was then affiliated with the Catawba Presbytery. In 1990 the Catawba Presbytery merged with the Mecklenburg Presbytery to become what is now the Charlotte Presbytery. Under the Charlotte Presbytery, our name changed once more and became Matthews Murkland Presbyterian Church, USA.

Ministers having served the Matthews Murkland Presbyterian Church as installed pastors are:

Dr. Daniel O. Hennigan (The Merging Pastor)
Rev. Albert Moses
Dr. Larry Hill
Rev. Alexander Porter
Rev. Albert Moses (Current Pastor)


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